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Internships are a unique and integral part of the curriculum in Clairemont High School’s Academy of Business. Each of our senior students get the opportunity to participate in a field internship during their spring semester. Students leave the classroom several times a week to work at a local business. At their internship, students take on real-world tasks and projects under the direction of an industry supervisor. Back at school, the students work with their instructor, reinforcing the skills and knowledge needed to complete those projects.

In mid January each year, AOB begins the process of finding internship providers for all 12th grade students. The new application for officially requesting interns in 2017 will open January 10, 2016 and close on February 10, 2017. To formally request that an intern be placed at a site, business & community partners must please complete the  AOB Intern Request Form.
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Intern Program Overview:
Would your company or organization benefit from the help of a high school student intern? The 12th grade students in Clairemont High School’s Academy of Business are qualified, motivated young people who are required to do field internships as part of their business class credit. Students are released from their afternoon class, three days a week, to apply their skills in a professional setting. Internships are ideally 4-10 hours per week during the months of March – May. Internships are typically unpaid, though paid internships are always welcome.
  • To download a PDF list of quick information on our internship program, see our Fast Facts AOB internships
  • To request an intern, please complete our online Academy of Business Intern Request Form.
  • To learn more about the responsibilities of being an Intern Supervisor, please preview the AOB Internship Handbook
Important Intern Program Dates
  • Open Application Form for Student Interns – January 10, 2017.
  • Deadline to Request an InternFebruary 10, 2017. Please fill out our online Academy of Business Intern Request Form in order to be considered as an Intern Host.
  • Intern Supervisors OrientationFebruary 23, 2017 at 11:00 am Clairemont High School (One orientation is mandatory for new Academy Intern Supervisors.) Those who applied to supervise an intern, please plan on attending the above date for information on the guidelines and paperwork involved in hosting an intern. To view our Interns Supervisor’s Orientation Presentation, please click here on our Intern Supervisor’s Training PowerPoint.
  • Intern Interview FairFebruary 23,  2017 from 12:30 – 3:00 pm at Clairemont High School’s Library. For those businesses or organizations interested in hosting an intern, this event will give you a chance to interview multiple student applicants.
  • Intern Start Dates - March 14 or 15, 2017. The first work report day for student interns.
  • Intern End Date - May 23 or 24, 2017. All student internships must conclude by this date.

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Student Qualifications
Academy of Business students have taken the following classes prior to interning:
  • Business 100
  • Business Management & Ownership
  • Business & Financial Markets
  • Advanced Placement Macro Economics
  • Business Statistics
  • Student Store Operations
  • Communications

Additionally, our students are trained in practical skills such as:

  • Typing
  • Microsoft Applications (MS Excel, Word, Publisher, and PowerPoint)
  • Google Applications (Google Spreadsheets & Documents, G-mail, Google Calendar & Contacts, etc.)
  • Online Presentation Media (such as Prezi)
  • Online Social Media
  • Internet Research
  • Basic Web Design
  • Basic Digital Video Design
  • Oral Presentations & Speech Delivery
  • Workplace Etiquette
  • Interpersonal communication technique

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Steps to Host an Intern
  • Read more info about the Internship Program below to make sure the days and times work within your schedle
  • Fill out and the online Academy of Business Intern Request Form to register. You will be contacted shortly after with follow up information.
  • Contact Business Internship Instructor, Alan Walter, to discuss questions:
  • Attend Intern Supervisor Orientation at Clairemont High School (see dates above)
  • Attend Internship Interview Fair at Clairemont High to interview potential interns  (see dates above)
  • Preference will be given to Intern Supervisors based on the following criteria:
    • Businesses/ organizations that provide an intern position relating to the Academy’s industry focus: business, finance,  and real estate.
    • Businesses/ organizations that are located near Clairemont High School
    • Businesses/ organizations than can provide quality internship experiences which offer students authentic business training

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Internship Benefits to Supervisors
  • Have a fresh set of eyes look at your organization’s workplace.
  • Catch the enthusiasm of a teenager who is excited about your work.
  • Have an extra set of hands to tackle the daily tasks at your organization.
  • Gain first pick of San Diego’s up-and-coming workforce.
  • Intrinsic reward of encouraging and training students who share your professional goals.
Internship Benefits For Students:
  • Explore a field of potential career interest.
  • Build a relationship with an adult mentor.
  • Learn the professional attitude and expertise necessary in today’s workplace.
  • Learn transferable skills such as organization, communication, punctuality, and time management.
  • Become engaged in his/her work and take ownership of learning.
Types of Internships:

Unpaid: Community Classroom (CC) Internship
San Diego Unified School District covers student’s Workers’ Compensation and transportation costs. Students are not required to obtain a Work Permit.

Paid: Cooperative Vocational Education (CVE) Internship
San Diego Unified School District covers student’s transportation costs. Workers’ Compensation is provided by the employer. Students must obtain a Work Permit if they are under 18 years old.
Intern Placement Details
  • Internship Duration: 10 weeks
    • Intern Request Form Application Window: January 10 – February 10, 2017
    • Internship Duration: 10 weeks
    • Intern Start Dates: Tue March 14 or Wed March 15, 2017  
    • Intern End Dates: Wed May 23 or Thurs May 24, 2017
    • Intern Availability: Alternating Tuesday+Thursday one week and Wednesday+Friday the next (due to school schedule), leaving Clairemont High at 12:30 PM (but in class every Monday). Travel time to internship is dependent upon site location and transportation method.
    • Intern Weekly Hours: Ideally interns will work 4-8 hours per week (AOB requires a minimum of 40 hrs total over the 10 weeks of the internship for an min average of 4 hrs per week)
    • Transportation: Students drive or take bus. (MTS transit passes provided by AOB for students in need.)
    • Liability: Workers’ Compensation covered by school district for all unpaid internships
    • Evaluation: Interns monitored weekly by instructor,  evaluated by site internship supervisor

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Student Intern Responsibilities:
  • Contribute real work to internship site.
  • Take on a project for the internship site.
  • Meet regularly with supervisor to report on progress and to receive feedback.
  • Reflect on internship work and learning in weekly journal writings.
  • Get weekly timecards signed by supervisor and then submit to instructor.
  • Call internship supervisor and instructor if he/she is going to be absent or late.
  • Complete a final “All Aspects of the Industry Report,” an in-depth research paper on internship organization.
  • Present about internship experience during Senior Exit Project.
Supervisor Responsibilities:
  • Train students for site-specific duties.
  • Schedule regular times to meet with the student to give him/her feedback.
  • Meet, call, or e-mail with the student’s instructor to discuss their work as needed.
  • Sign weekly timecards.
  • Contact AOB instructor if student is absent.
  • Complete official evaluation of intern.
  • Provide student with letter of completion and/or recommendation upon conclusion of internship.
Academy Instructor Responsibilities:
  • Prepare students for internship.
  • Collect weekly time cards.
  • Monitor intern attendance and behavior.
  • Conduct weekly class lessons.
  • Do on-site intern observation visitations.
  • Assign student a semester grade based on their internship participation.

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