AOB Student Handbook

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The Academy of Business Student Handbook is a quick reference guide of the common expectations, rules, and procedures in the Academy. The Student Handbook is given out the first week of school. All Academy students and parents should read and be familiar with the rules and procedures outlined below in the AOB Student Handbook. The Academy staff have agreed as a team to adhere to these policies.

Click here to download a PDF document of the Academy Student Handbook and Academy Handbook Contract. Scroll below to read through the handbook.


The Academy of Business at Clairemont High School will prepare students for college and career, emphasizing skills in business & finance. Students will gain a competitive edge from relevant courses, real-world experiences, team collaboration, industry partnerships, and a supportive family environment


Academy of Business students will grow to be innovative, articulate, and socially conscious young adults who invest in their futures and communities.


The Academy of Business students, staff, and community partners are committed to excellence in everything we do. We value the following:

  • Investing in our future. We believe that the future matters and that every choice we make today affects the outcome of tomorrow.
  • Engaging in challenging and relevant education. We believe that all students and citizens benefit from higher learning, problem-solving, and practical application of knowledge.
  • Making a positive impact on our community. We believe that every student, teacher, and community partner has a responsibility to give back to their community and make the world a better place for future generations.
  • Striving for success. We believe there is worth in goal-setting, high standards, and hard work. Each individual should challenge himself or herself to reach for their highest potential.
  • Fostering a supportive environment. We believe in the power of teamwork and respect. Students, teachers, and community partners work together to form a foundation of trust and collaboration.
  • Being accountable for our actions and attitudes. We believe that every individual is a significant part of a whole and must therefore take ownership of his or her choices.

In the Academy, we pride ourselves on having a diverse family atmosphere, positive learning environment, and culture of trust. We want our students to get to be successful in all classes, know each other, and work as a team, so we follow this code of conduct:

Members of the Academy should take pride in their education and be committed to excellence in every class. This means students should:

  • come prepared for class each and every day
  • turn in all homework and classwork assignments in a timely manner
  • go above and beyond, especially when the curriculum is challenging
  • communicate with the teacher regularly, especially when there are questions or concerns

Members of the Academy should contribute to the culture of trust. This means students should:

  • respect, support, and encourage each other at all times
  • be responsible with equipment and technology
  • maintain a clean environment in every room
  • refrain from dishonest activities such as plagiarism

Members of the Academy should be business-like in their behaviors and speech at all times. This means students should:

  • arrive to all classes on time
  • keep an up-to-date-organizer or planner
  • check e-mail regularly
  • meet all deadlines
  • dress “for success” in business clothes on appointed days
  • use polite, respectful language always

Members of the Academy should follow all school rules and in so doing, set a good example for all Clairemont High Students. These rules include:

  • Zero tolerance for fighting and illegal substances
  • Turning off cell phones and electronic devices in the classroom
  • Refraining from eating food, candy, or drinks (other than water) in the classroom
  • Following the school dress code and taking off hats in the classroom

Members of the Academy should show the utmost respect for persons in positions of authority at CHS and in the community. This means students should:

  • speak respectfully to all Clairemont High teachers and administrators
  • communicate professionally with all business mentors and volunteers
  • give undivided attention during guest speaker presentations
  • represent the Academy with maturity when off campus on fieldtrips, job shadow, etc.

The Academy of Business is a rigorous three-year curricular program that combines academic core classes and electives. The core classes meet California graduation requirements as well as UC a-g college entrance requirements. The elective classes are career-technical and focus on business, entrepreneurship, and finance as part of the district-wide Regional Occupational Program (ROP). The advanced elective courses also have articulation agreements with local community colleges, which means those courses can earn students between 4-8 units of college credit each.


  • Organizational Leadership (elective with college credits available)
  • Adv English 1-2 (graduation requirement)
  • Integrated Math II  (graduation requirement)
  • Freshman students also take three other non-Academy courses.


  • Business 100 (elective with college credits available)
  • English 3-4 (graduation requirement)
  • Intermediate Algebra (graduation requirement)
  • World History (if not taken in 9th grade)
  • Sophomore students also take three other non-Academy courses.


  • Business Management & Ownership (elective with college credits available)
  • American Literature (graduation requirement)
  • U.S. History (graduation requirement)
  • Business Statistics (optional elective)
  • Business Management 3-4 /Student Store (optional elective)
  • Junior students also take two or three other non-AOB courses.


  • Business & Financial Markets (elective with field internship & college credits available)
  • Contemporary Communications (graduation requirement)
  • AP Economics & U.S. Government (graduation requirement)
  • Business Statistics (optional elective)
  • Student Store (optional elective)
  • Senior students can also take one to three other non-AOBT courses.
  • Students in the Academy will gain real-world industry knowledge and develop workplace “soft skills” in:
  • Business management and organization
  • Business ownership, start-up, and social entrepreneurship
  • Financial markets and investment
  • Financial literacy and planning
  • Workplace technology and programs such as Microsoft Excel, Word & PowerPoint
  • Business statistics, marketing, and product analysis
  • Public speaking skills and presentation technique
  • Professional communication and dress
  • Resume writing and interviewing
  • Collaborative problem-solving & team work
  • Ethics and responsibility
  • Goal-setting and time-management

Students in the Academy will actively engage in unique experiences with business partners including:

  • Monthly meetings with an industry mentor (sophomores & juniors)
  • Internship placements at a local business or organization (seniors)
  • Job shadows at companies in the surrounding area
  • Guest speaker lectures on success, business, leadership, and workplace preparedness
  • Community service projects
  • Mock interviews with community volunteers
  • Classroom projects & simulations designed & led by industry volunteers
  • Educational field trips to colleges and corporations

Students in the academy are surrounded by a supportive environment of peers, teachers, and community volunteers and are encouraged to engage in all the Academy has to offer:

  • Team building, group discussion, and reflection
  • Academic intervention strategies
  • Tutoring from local college students
  • Training in test-taking strategies
  • College exploration, planning and preparation
  • Assistance with college and financial aid applications
  • Guidance in aptitude assessment and career exploration
  • Recognition of achievement
  • Off-campus conventions, seminars, competitions, workshops, and showcases

The Academy is fortunate to have access to its own computer lab, laptop cart, printers, scanners, and several other pieces of equipment thanks to outside grant funding. This equipment is not bought by Clairemont and therefore it is not replaceable unless we take money out of our Academy grant-funding. It is the responsibility of every Academy student to maintain the equipment using the following guidelines:

  • Only Academy students are allowed to log onto the lab in Rm. 201 unless the outside student has permission from an Academy teacher. Academy students will have their own login and password, which should always be kept confidential.
  • Absolutely no food or drink of any kind should come near the computers or laptops, even at break and lunch time. Students and/or parent may be held liable for damaged equipment.
  • Using the Internet is a privilege that can be taken away. If students are abusing the privilege by looking at inappropriate sites or checking e-mail during curriculum time, the Internet will be turned off.
  • Any equipment that is vandalized will be paid for by the student and/or parent. This includes graffiti, stickers, removing a mouse, taking apart the office chairs, etc. If you are caught vandalizing equipment, we reserve the right to dismiss you from the Academy.
  • Students should inform a teacher immediately if there is any problem with their computer or any other piece of equipment, otherwise you are in danger of being blamed for it.
  • No music may be on in the lab or played on the laptops at any time. It is a classroom.
  • In the lab, students will use the computer at their assigned seat only.
  • While using laptops, students must use their assigned laptop number. Any damage must be reported.
  • Academy students should take pride in their lab and classrooms and clean up after themselves. Show some respect by keeping your area neat and treating all equipment with care!

The Academy wants all students to graduate and be university-eligible. Therefore, AOB students must maintain grades above a C or higher in all classes and citizenship scores of “S- Satisfactory” or higher in all classes. If they do not, they will be placed on probation (one “strike”) and attend tutoring. If a student receives three consecutive “strikes” without showing improvement, they may be exited (removed) from the Academy program at the next six-week grading period.

How students are placed on probation when they receive a “strike in any categories (academics, citizenship, attendance, discipline):

  • If a student receives an academic grade of D or F in any class at the end of a grading period
  • If a student receives a citizenship grade of  N, or U at the end of a grading period
  • If a student receives any school-wide behavior consequence such as a referral or suspension
  • If a student is absent 5 or more days in a grading period
  • If a student accumulates 10 or more tardies in a grading period (per CHS policy)
  • If a student fails to satisfy the terms of his or her probation, he or she will earn an additional “strike”
  • If a student fails to attend assigned tutoring, community service, or detention, he or she will earn an additional “strike”

What students do when on probation:

  • If a student is on probation for academics, he or she must stay an extra hour per week for the grading period for help, either with the teacher of the subject in question or the Academy tutoring hour
  • If the student is on probation due to a citizenship grade, he or she must stay an extra hour per week for the grading period to perform community service for that teacher
  • If a student is on probation for attendance (absences or tardies), he or she must attend Lunch detention.
  • If the student is on probation for a serious behavior consequence, the staff will determine the appropriate probation requirements
  • If a student is on probation, a student-parent-teacher-conference will be scheduled

How students clear a “strike”:

  • Students are removed from probation if they have shown improvement in the area they received a strike:
  • If a student earns a C or better academic grade in all classes by the end of the next grading period
  • If a student earns a “Good “or better citizenship in all classes by the end of the next grading period
  •  If a student shows significant improvement in their attendance and /or tardy record
  • If a student shows significant improvement in academics and/or behavior
  • If a student completes all tutoring / community service / detentions assigned as part of his or her probation
  • Students are released from probation when they have cleared all “strikes;” they return to zero “strikes.”
  • If students do not show improvement, they earn another “strike.”

When students are removed (“exited”) from the Academy program:

Once a student receives a 3rd “strike,” he or she can be removed from the program. If a student is on probation for three consecutive grading periods (each time earning a “strike”), the student incurs three “strikes” and can be removed from the Academy program at the beginning of the third probationary period.


Academy of Business students are in a position to benefit in a number of ways from their participation in the Academy. In exchange, they are expected to follow certain rules and code of conduct as outlined in the Academy Student Handbook. Failure to meet any one or more of these expectations may result in the student’s removal from the Academy. Students, please initial each item, acknowledging that you agree to abide by our code of conduct:

______ Show respect and be supportive of all your AOB classmates

______ Set a positive example of conduct for all other CHS students to follow

______ Follow school-wide CHS and individual teacher’s classroom rules

______ Demonstrate respect for teachers, students, business volunteers at all times

______ Attend class every day (except for excused illness, fieldtrips, etc.)

______ Be on time to class each day

______ Be ready to work at the start of class

______ Complete all assignments and turn them in on time

______ Participate in class, and in other settings, in a manner that is appropriate

______ Conduct yourself in a manner that reflects well on you, CHS, and AOB

______ No plagiarism or cheating

______ No use of inappropriate language

______ Wear proper business attire all day on AOB “Dress to Impress” days

______ Follow instructions of AOBT staff on field trips and other non-class activities

______ Earn a semester grade of “C” or higher in scholarship in ALL classes

______ Earn a semester grade of “S” or higher in citizenship in ALL classes

______ Maintain an overall GPA of a 2.0 or higher

______ Abide by rules of probation (attend tutoring & community service hours) when directed


I understand the expectations of me, as set forth above, and the consequences for not following them, to include revocation of Academy activities (job shadows, field trip, internships, etc.) or eventual removal from the entire program. I agree to abide by these expectations, and to accept the consequences for not doing so.