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The Academy of Business is proud to offer several leadership opportunities for students grades 10-12.   The Executive Student Leadership Team is a registered campus club with ASB.  The Executive Leaders each oversee a team of other student leaders who focus on specific branch and meet weekly at lunch to plan events, organize fundraisers, and problem-solve issues in the academy. Academy Student Leaders make a big commitment: they are expected to not only fulfill the duties of their specific positions and attend each meeting, but also set an example for the rest of the academy student body. This means Leaders should attend class daily, keep up in their academics, and respect staff members at all times.

Application Process:

Students wishing to be in a position of  leadership must:

(1) Read about the available positions below carefully, and consider the commitment. Click here to print a PDF of the Academy Leadership Teams Descriptions.

(2) Apply by filling out the Leadership Team Application. (Click here to download an editable Word Doc Version of the Leadership Application.

(3) Once an application is submitted, students will be interviewed by the Academy staff and appointed to one of the positions detailed below. The teams are listed below and their descriptions follow.

Those on the Leadership Team are also expected to attend as many Academy activities outside of school as possible. For more details of the commitment involved, view the Leadership Team Officer Contract.

Click here to view/print a PDF document of all the Academy Leadership Teams or click on a team below for more info.


executive-teamExecutive Team

The Academy Executive Team is comprised of the managers of all other Academy leadership teams plus the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer. This team’s mission is to  instill the Academy’s mission and vision throughout the department teams by setting team goals, leading team members, and running meetings.


Team Staff Advisor: Mrs. Rush  /   Members on Team: 7 Executive Managers

Student Team Leader Titles:
    • CEO – Chief Executive Officer
    • COO – Chief Operations Officer
    • CFO – Chief Financial Officer (Finance Manager)
    • Marketing/ IT Manager
    • Human Resources (HR) Manager
    • Event Planning Manager
    • Communications Manager
    • Fundraising Manager
    • Must be an Academy 12th grader
    • Current GPA of 3.0 or higher
    • Must have a record of good attendance and citizenship
    • Must show leadership potential and good communication skills
    • Must be able to commit to two meetings per week
    • Must interview for Team Leader of one of the teams below
Collective Duties of Executive Team:
    • Outline a yearly vision for the Academy and a list of goals for the Leadership Teams
    • Attend weekly Executive Leadership meetings
    • Organize and lead respective team meetings under direction of team staff advisor
    • Delegate tasks to appropriate team members
    • Be the liaison between staff and students
    • Meet periodically with Academy staff and advisor teacher for planning
    • Be a model academy student at all times
    • Attend academy events

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finance-teamFinance Team

Team Mission:

The mission of the Academy Finance Team is to budget & account for all academy events, fundraisers, and activities. This team oversees cash-flow, monitors and budgets spending, and analyzes fundraising.

Team Staff Advisor: TBD for 2015-16  / Members on Team: Manager + 2-3 team members

Team Leader Title:

CFO Chief Financial Officer (Treasurer)

Team Member Qualifications:
  • Organized and detail-oriented
  • Math-minded, good with numbers
  • Familiar with Excel spreadsheets (or willing to learn)
  • Trustworthy
  • Record of good attendance and citizenship
  • Must be able to commit to one meeting per week
  • Cash handling experience is a plus
Collective Duties of Finance Team:
  • Create and monitor a budget for the Academy 
  • Track all deposits, withdrawals, and reimbursements in and out of the Academy ASB account
  • Create monthly financial reports
  • Collect data on revenue (from fundraisers)
  • Handle payment / cash register at Academy events

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HR-teamHuman Resources Team

The Mission of the HR Team is to foster a positive work environment and family atmosphere in the Academy. It develops and implements systems for recognizing student achievements, and teaming-building across grade levels. This team also oversees the training and documentation of the leadership teams.

Team Staff Advisor:TBD for 2015-16  / Members on Team: Manager + 4 team members

Team Leader Title:

HR Manager

Team Member Qualifications:
  • Positive, energetic, proactive and friendly
  • Committed to bettering the academy
  • Willingness to meet new people and make everyone feel included
  • Record of good attendance and citizenship
  • Must be able to commit to one meeting per week
  • Creativity and/or artistic eye are a plus
Collective Duties of HR Team:
  • Oversee cross-grade level activities and AOB “buddy” mentoring
  • Keep track of and recognize birthdays of Academy Students
  • Create monthly student awards for Academy 3.0 Club, other recognition
  • Organize get-well cards, thank-you cards, prizes, and celebrations for Academy students & teachers
  • Create new ways of raising morale and community in the Academy
  • Plan & coordinate Academy  team-building activities
  • Keep track of class competitions
  • Organize community service activities

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comm-teamMarketing/ IT Team

The mission of the Academy Marketing/ IT Team is to create and maintain a positive image for the Academy on the CHS campus, at feeder schools, and in the surrounding community. This team will also manage the AOB website, social media, and online file sharing systems.This team oversees all publicity and advertising for AOB.

Team Staff Advisor: TBD for 2015-16  / Members on Team: Manager + 4-6 team members

Team Leader Title:

Marketing Manager

Team Member Qualifications:
  • Creative, artistic, innovative
  • Experience in video, photography, editing, and publishing software useful
  • Experience with social media (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter)
  • Willingness to meet new people and make everyone feel included
  • Record of good attendance and citizenship
  • Must be able to commit to one meeting per week
  • Creativity and/or artistic eye are a plus
  • Web-building, designing, or programming a plus
  • Background or willingness to learn basic web design and/or html
  • Access to internet / computer outside of school
Collective Duties of Marketing / IT Team:
  • Create promotional video shorts or public service announcements about the Academy for CHS bulletin
  • Create and order promo T-shirts, sweatshirts, banners, pens, giveaway,etc
  • Create PowerPoint Presentations for marketing to campus, feeder schools, parents, etc.
  • Create  promotional videos or infomercials for the academy
  • Take pictures and video clips at Academy events and organize them
  • Think of creative ways to advertise and make the AOB a well-known club on campus
  • Create the End-of-Year Slideshow
  • Make flyers, banners, and signs for Academy events
  • Manage AOB web presence & social media
  • Make updates to website homepage, keep info up-to-date, and create new pages
  • Organize AOB online filing and file share systems on Google Drive

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marketing-teamEvent Planning Team

The mission of the Academy Event Planning Team is to brainstorm, plan, and organize Academy extra-curricular activities including celebrations, mentor activities, fieldtrips, luncheons, and the end-of-year banquet.

Team Staff Advisor:TBD for 2015-16  / Members on Team: Manager + 3 team members

Team Leader Title

Event Planning Manager

Team Member Qualifications:
  • Energetic, detail-oriented, organized, creative
  • Enthusiastic about planning fun activities
  • Willingness to come outside of school events
  • Record of good attendance and citizenship
  • Must be able to commit to one meeting per week
Collective Duties of Event Planning Team:
  • Keep a master calendar of events for Academy
  • Plan, organize monthly Academy events outside of school hours (BBQ’s, ice skating, bowling, etc.)
  • Organize club activities on campus (Club Rush, holiday treats, Academy time ice-breakers, etc.)
  • Plan and organize Academy fundraisers
  • Fill out official forms to get activities approved by ASB
  • Manage carpools and sign-up sheets for events and field trips
  • Plan academy mentor luncheons & end-of-year banquet

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commuications-teamCommunications Team

The mission of the Academy Communications Team is to ensure that Academy students, staff, parents, and business partners are well-informed of program achievements and calendar events. This team coordinates and manages communication in the form of newsletters, weekly email updates, announcements, and bulletins

Team Staff Advisor: TBD for 2015-16   / Members on Team: 4

Team Leader Title:

Communications Manager

  • Solid writing skills preferred
  • Organized, consistent, tech-savvy
  • Practiced with MS Word, Publisher, Google applications, and e-mail
  • Good time-management skills
  • Must be able to commit to one meeting per week
  • Detail-oriented
  • Must be able to set up interviews for articles
  • Comfortable interviewing other students and staff
Collective Duties of Communications Team:
  • Create and send out a periodic Academy newsletter
  • Contact business partners, teachers, parents, and students for newsletter interviews
  • Write articles and compile them into a newsletter
  • Keep meeting minutes for the Executive Team’s meetings and master calendar of events
  • Update Academy with weekly e-mail announcements
  • Manage Academy contact list & Academy alumni list
  • Send invitations, E-vites for Academy events
  • Update Academy on a weekly basis with announcements, bulletins, e-mails, etc.

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Fundraising Team


The mission of the Academy Fundraising Team is to raise money for Academy student events and grade-level end-of-year trips. This team oversees all brainstorming, planning, and organizing of AOB fundraisers.

Team Staff Advisor: TBD for 2015-16  / Members on Team: Manager +3 team members

Team Leader Title:

Fundraising Manager

Team Member Qualifications:
  • Enthusiastic about raising funds
  • Creative and innovative
  • Flexible schedule, not too many other prior commitments
  • Organized and good at creating systems
  • Consistent, dependable and good with follow-through
  • Comfortable with calling businesses and organizations
  • Practice with raising team morale, getting others excited to participate
  • Experience planning fundraisers a plus
Collective Duties of Fundraising Team:
  • Plan and organize on-campus fundraisers – at least one per month
  • Learn all fundraising forms, rules, and procedures for school district
  • Turn in proper fundraising form requests to ASB for approval
  • Plan fundraising activities for senior end of the year trip
  • Track student participation in fundraising activities
  • Organize competitions and incentives to get all academy students involved in fundraising