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In the Academy, we encourage students to see their high school and college education as stepping stones toward a successful future in a professional career. Throughout the program, we integrate career-readiness activities into our curriculum so that students can get ahead of their peers and practice the skills needed in the workplace as early as possible. Here are some useful resources for career and workplace preparedness:

Resume Writing:

» The Resume Prep Workbook
Use this downloadable PDF to work through several steps that will help you.

» Resume Sample
View this example resume to get ideas about what an entry-level resume should look like.

» Great Resume Vocabulary
Look at this list of vocab for some good power words to incorporate into your own resume.

» Words that Hurt Resumes
Be sure to read this short, helpful article about which words are overused and ineffective.

» The Resume Secret Employers Love
Read this short article to discover the power of the “Qualifications” section in your resume.

» Resume Dos and Don’ts
Check out this quick list to make sure you didn’t make any mistakes!

» Resume Checklist
Once you have completed a draft of your resume, go through this helpful checklist to revise your work.

Cover Letter Letter Writing:

» Writing a Cover Letter
Take a look at this PDF presentation to get a step-by-step walk through of how to make a cover letter.

» Sample Cover Letters
View these example cover letters to get ideas about what your letter should sounds like and how to format it.

Job Interviews:

» Successful Interview Tips
Look at this simple list to get great tips on what to do prior, during, and after a job interview.

» What To Wear To a Job Interview
This must-view handout will tell you how to dress to impress.

» Commonly Asked Interview Questions
Look carefully through this list of the 13 most commonly-asked questions in a job interview: plan out your answers before the day of your interview!

» You Said What?!?
Read this entertaining article, which tells about some of the most shocking “bad” responses employers heard in an interview.

» Eight Worst Things to Say in an Interview
This article lays out the absolute no-nos in an interview. Be sure to read this prior to your own interview!

Articles About Workplace Success:

»Top 10 Reasons Employers Want to Hire You