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Course Overview:

The primary focus of this course is to master all aspects of speech communication while studying communication theory, fundamentals, and technique. Students will read expository textbooks and famous historical speeches. Students will practice various types of speech communication by writing college-level papers and speeches and by doing formal oral presentations. Coursework will focus on the following topics: Contexts of Communication, Listening, Confidence, Interpersonal Skills, Conversation, Group Dynamics & Discussions, Leadership & Conflict, Communication in the Business World, Informative Speaking, Persuasion & Rhetoric, Debate, Preparing & Writing an Organized Speech, and Proper Speech Delivery. * This course meets the UC A-G College Admission Requirement for 12th Grade English, if students earn a grade of C or higher. This course is currently taught by Mrs. Elizabeth Rush

Links & Resources:

View this helpful pdf document from CSU Los Angeles which outlines the basics of writing a paper in MLA (Modern Language Association) -format. This handout discusses how to set up the paper, what information to record when researching, how to set up the works cited page, and how to incorporate citations into the text of the essay. The document also provides several examples of a title page, works cited page, and various citation formats for different sources (books, articles, websites,etc.)

View this document from UC Davis to get an important lesson on what qualifies as plagiarism, and why it is important to avoid it.