Bus & Financial Mrkts


Course Overview:
Business and Financial Markets, which is offered to Academy 12th graders only, is intended as an advanced-level course in the business and finance industry sector sequence of courses. It is a Regional occupational Program (ROP) course designed to provide students with training and preparation for post- secondary education and careers in business and finance by exploring topics such as: banking, securities, insurance, financial planning, investment, stock market,  personal financial literacy, borrowing, lending and credit, real estate markets,  and global markets. This course has a real-world emphasis, allowing students to gain a practical understanding of the material as they explore different careers in the industry with a local business in a 10-week long internship placement off campus.  This course is currently taught by Mr. Mark Colombo

Important Notes:
  • This course meets the University of California’s g (college preparatory elective) subject-area requirement.
  • Students who complete this course with a grade of A or B are eligible to earn up to 3 units of community college credit.
  •  Upon completion of the course, students will see an indication of field internship noted on their transcripts.
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