Social Entrepreneur Project

Project Overview

Social entrepreneurship is defined as “identifying or recognizing a social problem and using entrepreneurial principles to organize, create, and manage a social venture to achieve a desired social change.”  In our cross-curricular academy project, 11th graders get to do just that! Students will work in small groups as they identify a societal issue in their community that they’re passionate about changing. After researching the issue and major organizations who have already begun to address the problem, students will act as entrepreneurs to write a real business plan for a new, start up non profit organization. Students will choose a partnering non-profit organization to consult throughout the project. The project will culminate in a final presentation to potential “investors.”

Project Objectives

The Social Entrepreneur Project allows students to explore the essential question: How can entrepreneurs effect positive change in their community through the start up of a not-for-profit organization? Through writing a business plan, students will be able to critically think through the complexities of launching a new venture (nonprofit) to bring about positive social change in the world.

Project Calendar and Deadlines

Project Introduction

Case Study of Social Problem

Description: A case study of the social problem throughout U.S. History which will include research and presentation of the problem over time through major events,  demographics, primary sources, and a report on an example organization that addresses the problem.

Course: U.S. History

Graded Assignments:

1. Timeline (Smart Art Word Document)

2. Demographics Study (Excel Charts)

3. Primary Sources Write Up (1 page per source)

4. Report on Non-Profit Organization (3 page document)

5. Case Study Prezi Presentation

Business Plan for Non-Profit Organization

Description: A formal business plan for a new start-up non-profit organization that will address the needs of the social problem explored in the Case Study.

Courses: Business Management & Ownership and Expository Reading & Writing

Graded Assignments (click on each to link to Section Assignment Details):

Title Page & Executive Summary:

The Title Page will have the name of your organization, a list of the board of trustees or directors, the chief executive officer, e-mail address, web site, and logo. You will write the Executive Summary last – it summarizes briefly all the material following. The Executive Summary will tell the reader how the nonprofit is organized, the function of the nonprofit organization, and your method and purpose for raising money.

Assignment & Questions for Title Page & Summary


Partnering Organization Contact 1

Example Logos and Mission Statements

Example Title Page & Summary

SECTION 1: Corporation Description:

This section is an overview of the function of the nonprofit organization, which will discuss a history of how the idea of the organization began, its projected size (building needs, space, employees, equipment and tasks), a description of the service provided, and how it will serve the community.

Assignment & Questions for Corporation Description

Business Plan Questions & Answers Fill In

Example Mission Statements & Logos

Example Corporation Description


SECTION 2: Market Analysis, Priorities, Data:

This section will discuss your research of the conditions and trends in the needs you want to meet. It will cover the service and the demand for it, how is it unique, and how it will impact the community.

Assignment & Questions for Market Analysis, Priorities & Data

Partnering Organization Contact 2: Market Analysis

Example Market Analysis, Priorities & Data Section

SECTION 3: Services:

This section will explain the vision, mission, goals and objectives of the organization. It will discuss the kind of services that will be provided and the activities, functions, evaluation, and results in detail.

Assignment & Questions for Services

Example Services Section


SECTION 4: Operations:

This section will explain how the organization will create and deliver its service and meet the identified priorities and need(s).It will specify how to get the service out the door to customers/clients or supporters and meet the needs you see in the community.

Assignment & Questions for Operations

Example Operations Section


SECTION 5: Marketing Plan:

This section will describe the organization’s service and who will use it. It will cover how people will know about the service, the distribution plan, and the advertisement plan. It will describe how to market the mission, the vision, the activities, the results in terms of methods and media.

Assignment & Questions for Marketing Plan

Example Marketing Plan Section


SECTION 6: Funds, Resources Required & Expected Use of Funds:

This section will explain how the organization will raise money (seek grants, hold fund raisers, collect dues, sell products, etc.). It will specify why the organization needs funding, discuss how the money will be spent, and describe how it will account for the money and maintain fiscal records.

Assignment & Questions for Funds, Resources Required & Expected Use of Funds

Example Funds, Resources Required & Expected Use of Funds Section


SECTION 7: Financial Statements and Projections:

This section will include projections and budgets for the expected performance of the nonprofit for the upcoming three to four years. It will include complete and accurate projected financial statements, which will communicate to a prospective contributor or funder how the organization will successfully meet its goals and sustain itself.

Assignment & Questions for Financial Statements & Projections Section

Example Financial Statements & Projections