Course Description:
The Expository Reading and Writing Course  curriculum (ERWC), which is offered to Academy 11th graders, prepares students to meet the expectations of college and university faculty. Course assignments, organized into 14 modules and based mainly on non-fiction texts, emphasize the in-depth study of expository, and argumentative reading and writing. The University of California has approved the ERWC for area “b” credit (from the “a-g” requirements), and the Course meets college preparatory requirements. A task force of high school and CSU faculty has developed the Expository Reading and Writing Course (ERWC), a full-year college preparatory English course for high school juniors or seniors. The ERWC aligns with the California English-Language Arts Content Standards, addresses critical reading and writing problems identified by the CSU English Placement Test Committee, and  for both the UC and CSU.

This course is currently taught by Mrs. Elizabeth Rush

Important Note:
  • This course prepares students to take the EAP or Early Assessment Program writing placement test. If students pass this test, taken in spring of junior year, they will be exempt from taking their English college placements tests at the CSU and UC colleges. As a result, students will automatically be placed into the highest level freshman English course when they enter college and will therefore not need any remediation.
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