Bus Mgmnt & Ownership 1-2

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Course Description:

Business Management and Ownership, which is offered only to Academy 11th graders, is an intermediate course in the business and finance industry pathway sequence of courses. It provides training in small-business management and it is part of the Regional Occupational Program (ROP).  Students receive instruction in researching and evaluating markets, locations and products, as well as the application of pricing theory. Students use business plans, accounting practices, and research and development techniques, as well as hands on projects and simulations to practice what it takes for a business to succeed from the ground up. This course infuses two Junior Achievement simulations which are led by industry volunteers: JA TITAN and JA SOCIAL INNOVATION. This course is currently taught by Mr. Alan Walter

Important Notes:
  • Students who complete Business Management and Ownership 1 and 2 earn one unit of UC g (college preparatory elective) credit.
  • Students who complete this course with a grade of A or B are eligible to earn up to 3 units of community college credit.
  • Business 100 is a prerequisite for this course.
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