11th Grade

juniors-class-of-2014The 11th grade year in the Academy of Business is a pivotal year that builds on concepts and skills learned in 10th grade. In addition to their coursework, academy junior students also focus on deeper exploration of career & colleges, college entrance exam practice, resume & interview preparation, entrepreneurship, project management,  social advocacy, rhetoric, presentation skills, workplace etiquette, teamwork, and more. See below for the courses and projects that are part of the Academy 11th grade curriculum.

11th Grade Courses – Second Year in Academy Program
  • AOB Business Management & Ownership (elective with college credits available)
  • AOB American Literature (graduation requirement)
  • AOB U.S. History (graduation requirement)
  • AOB Business Statistics (optional elective)
  • AOB Student Store (optional elective)

* Junior students also take three other non-AOB courses.

11th Grade Projects & Enrichment:
  • JA Titans of Industry Program
  • Main Street Philanthropy
  • Life Business Plan
  • Social Entrepreneur Project
  • 11th Grade Mentorship Program
  • Business Leaders Guest Speaker Series