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The Academy of Business is a three-year curricular program that students join in the beginning of their 10th grade year at Clairemont High. As part of the academy program, students are grouped together into three  or more of their classes each day. For their remaining periods, Academy students take mainstream courses. For more information about our courses and other unique experiences, be sure to visit the About the Academy Page. Each year, the Academy recruits ninth grade students who will form the incoming class of sophomores the next fall. Students who are interested in applying to the Academy should watch for the recruitment presentations in their  ninth grade English classes. Read below for more info about the recruitment and admission process:

Why Join?

Our academy program is committed to providing students with an array of unique educational activities and opportunities that are not typically incorporated into general education courses such as:

    • Internships in the business field
    • Mentorships with community partners
    • Entrepreneurship training
    • Instruction in finance and economics
    • Online business simulations
    • Field trips to businesses and colleges
    • Guest speakers on various careers
    • Job interview & resume guidance
    • Advanced computer skills in Microsoft Excel, Publish, PowerPoint
    • Public speaking preparation
    • College application assistance
    • Project-based group assignment
    • Team-building and leadership exercises
    • Problem-based learning projects
    • Team simulations and competitions
    • Access to  an exclusive academy computer lab and (in 2014-15) a brand new state-of-the-art building

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Who Can Join The Academy of Business?

The AOB is looking for 9th and 10th grade students who want to join the Academy and who meet the criteria listed below. Our objective each year is to bring in a new class of students that reflect diversity in every area. Minimum requirements include:

  • Will be a 9th or 10th grader next year
  • Have a 2.0 minimum GPA (higher is better!)
  • Have demonstrated good attendance (few absences & tardies)
  • College-bound and academically-focused
  • Interested in business, finance, entrepreneurship and/or general career-skills
  • Willing to take on a challenge
  • Enjoys working in groups with their peers

What is the Application Process to Get In?

Step 1: View Academy Recruitment Presentation:

Before students sign up for the Academy they should carefully listen to the presentations that are given in their English classes in late spring. Interested students should ask questions and make sure that everything in the presentation appeals to them.

Step 2: Submit Academy Interest Survey:

Immediately following the Recruitment Presentations, students will be given the opportunity to complete our Academy Interest Survey.

Students who are serious about applying for the Academy should be sure to fill out this form and check a high interest level. If student applicants meet the minimum requirements, they will be offered admission for the next year and/or interviewed (see step 4).

Step 3: Research & Discuss Academy:

Students interested in joining the Academy should consider their decision carefully. It is important that prospective students discuss their interest with their parents, their school counselor, and, if possible, students who are already in the program. Prospective students are also encouraged to browse the Academy of Business website, learn as much as they can about the program, and speak with staff if they have questions.  Joining the Academy is a big commitment: it will play a huge role in the remainder of a student’s  high school education. Those who join are urged to complete the entire four-year program. This is why prospective students should not make their choice lightly.

Step 4: Academy Interviews:

Some students who wish to apply to the Academy of Business  who do not get offered admission based on their application must undergo a short, face-to-face interview conducted by the Academy teachers. Interviews are generally in March or April; please check the AOB Calendar for exact dates.   Applicants will be called out of their English class for a group interview with their peers. During the interview, students will be asked about their academics, their future goals, and why they want to join the academy.  The interview will be the primary deciding factor in admitting students to the Academy.

Step 5: Acceptance Letter & Commitment Contract:

Once interviews are complete, the Academy will send out acceptance letters to those students who will be offered a spot in the program in the fall. To secure their spot, admitted students and their parents need to read, sign, and return the AOBT Commitment Contract. Once this contract is received, a student will officially be scheduled into the Academy program in the fall. The Academy of Business will notify school counselors of which students should be scheduled into its courses. As a follow-up, though, admitted students and/or parents should contact their respective counselor to ensure that they have been properly scheduled.

The Academy also has a Wait List. This is comprised of 10-12 students who may be conditionally accepted into the program if a student from the acceptance list opts to not join the program. Each year, the Academy has typically taken at least three or more students from the Wait List, so students on this list should be sure to turn in a commitment contract and periodically check in with the Academy Coordinator, Liz Rush.

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