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All Academy students are matched with a business mentor during their sophomore and junior years. Our mentoring programs provide opportunities for adults to make a visible difference in the lives of students — to share their interests and hard-won wisdom.  Our mentors are caring professionals who can listen, act as role models, provide career information, offer academic assistance, and suggest direction.  If you are a community partner who believes that education and student guidance are foundational to our society’s future, please read on and volunteer to join our program. Become a Mentor today!

Application Process
Mentor Orientation
10th Grade Mentor Program – Small Groups
11th Grade  Mentor Program – One-on-One


  • The deadline to apply for mentoring during the 2016-17 school year is Tuesday September 13, 2016!

Mentor Program Overview

Fast Facts: (Click here to get a printable version: Fast-Facts-AOB-Mentor-Program-2016-17 (1))
  • Mentoring is a one-year commitment from September – May.
  • Participating students are juniors or sophomores from Clairemont High School’s Academy of Business.
  • Mentor-student meetings are once per month (usually on the third Thursday of each month).
  • Agendas are pre-planned, one-hour activities. See exact Session Topics & Calendar Dates for 2016-17 listed below under “Scheduled Mentor Meetings.”
  • Most meetings are held at Clairemont High and last for a duration of 1-2 hours.
  • In order to participate, mentors must apply (see directions below), and then they will be carefully matched to their student or student group.
  • The deadline to apply for mentoring during the 2016-17 school year is Tues. Sept 13  Apply here.
Grade Level Programs:

The Academy offers two different mentoring programs (mentors must choose):

  • 10th Grade Mentor Program: Small group mentoring for sophomore students (3-4 students per mentor) with a focus on building skills for success.
  • 11th Grade Mentor Program: One-on-one mentoring for junior students (one mentor per student) with a focus on career preparation.
Scheduled Mentor Meetings:
  • Most meetings between mentor and student are structured around a one hour agenda provided by the Academy.
  • Meetings take place once a month on Thursdays on campus at Clairemont High during late morning/ early afternoon.
  • Please click and read below for an overview of the calendared mentor meetings to see if the dates and times fit your schedule:
Mentor Responsibilities:

We expect mentors to:

  • Complete a Livescan with San Diego Unified School Police Dept (more info below under Application Process)
  • Commit to attending all scheduled meetings for the year
  • Be on time to meetings and notify Academy staff if there is a sudden conflict
  • Be positive
  • Share with student about your career, successes, lessons learned, etc
  • Listen to student with an open mind
  • Respond to e-mail correspondences in a timely manner
  • Be a resource to student when they desire career advice or business contacts
  • Notify Academy staff if student needs additional guidance or if mentor has any concerns

Click here to view the sample Mentoring Contract that all mentors must sign before meeting their student.
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Application Process to Become a Mentor:

Step 1: Online Application & Profile Form:

Adult community partners interested in mentoring should read the details of the mentor programs carefully on this page, especially the Scheduled Mentor Meetings, and then fill out the online Mentor Application & Profile Form as early as possible. Potential mentor applications will be reviewed, and those selected to mentor for the year will be contacted by the Academy via e-mail early in September. Click here to Submit an Application to Mentor for this school year.

Step 2: LiveScan Fingerprinting:

Due to district volunteer guidelines, the Academy requires proof of LiveScan fingerprinting for all mentors prior to the first mentor-student meeting in September.  Scheduling is the the responsibility of the mentor. Mentors are welcome to use their own method, or they complete this process through the San Diego Unified School District’s Police Services Livescan Department. 


The San Diego School Police Services Office waives the fee for our mentor volunteers. Their office is located in University Heights at: 4100 Normal St., San Diego, CA 92103. Hours are Monday through Friday: Walk-ins: 8:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. Appointments only from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. For more information or to schedule an appointment, go to the SDUSD Police Services LiveScan Page.

When you go in for your LiveScan, you will need to take a proper form of ID and the completed Request to Conduct Volunteer Screening New. (Please print this form and fill out to take with you.) To properly fill out this form, please follow these simple instructions:

  • Please check “CATEGORY D – Volunteer Fingerprint” at the top of the form.
  • For “REQUESTING SCHOOL” please write in “Clairemont High – AOB”
  • For “VOL. COORDINATOR,” please write in “Liz Rush.”
  • For “Volunteer Activity” please Check “Other” and write in “Mentor”

When you go in, be sure to tell them you are a volunteer for Clairemont High’s mentor program.  PLEASE NOTE: Results usually take two weeks or more to process, so mentors should begin as soon as possible. (Remember, returning mentors who received a LivesScan from SD School Police last year do not need to go in, they only need to fax in the completed form and print “Returning Mentor” at the top or call the Livescan office).

If you have received a LiveScan through San Diego Unified School District in the last year, or you are already a district employee, your info should already be on file. Please contact the office above and they will confirm.)

PLEASE NOTE: Mentor Volunteers who received a Livescan with San Diego School Police last year do not have to do the entire fingerprinting process again.  Instead, returning mentors need only fill out the form below, print “returning mentor” at the top, and fax in the form to the number listed on the sheet.

3. Provide Proof of Clear TB Test

All volunteers is SD Unfied School district must be able to provide proff of a Clear TB (Tuberculosis) test current within the last four years. If you have had a TB test done in the last four years, simply provide written proof of clear test to the Mentor Program Coordinator. If you need to have one done, please see your medical provider or any clinic to complete the two-part test and then ask for written confirmation of clear test. You can also use this form: SDUSD Volunteer TB Test Card.

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Mentors’ Orientation

All  new mentors and returning mentors who mentored prior to the 2014-15 school year must attend a mandatory Mentor Orientation. Each one is held at Clairemont High School in Room 208.

For 2016-17, Mentor Orientations will be held on:

  • Wed., September 14 from 9:00 am – 10:30 am OR  
  • Wed., September 21 from 9:00 am – 10:30 am  OR
  • Mon., September 26 from 9:00 am -10:30 am

Mentors can choose one to attend.  Mentors can also preview our:

Matching Mentors to Students:

The mentoring relationships in the Academy mentoring program will formally last one year.  Academy staff carefully match each mentor with a student mentee or student group based on similarities such as personality traits, hobbies, and career interests. Mentors and students each fill out an extensive profile that helps make this match. In the past, the majority of our mentors and students have agreed they were perfectly matched.

For more info about the goals of the mentor program, mentoring techniques and guidelines, and detailed agendas and activities for each mentor meeting, see the different  information underneath each program below.

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11th Grade Mentor Meetings

The 11th Grade Mentoring program is a one-on-one mentoring experience – each mentor is paired with one 11th grade student. Meetings in this program are focused around goal-setting and career preparation.  See below for handbooks and meeting topics by month.

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10th Grade Mentor Meetings

The 10th Grade Mentor Program is a group mentoring experience, that is, one mentor is matched with a small group of three sophomore students. The meetings in this program are focused around goal-setting, developing good habits, and exploring strategies for academic success.

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