Pyramid of Success


The Pyramid of Success Guest Speaking Series is part of the Academy of Business Guest Speaker Program. It consists of fifteen lectures by various industry volunteers. The purpose behind each motivational talk is to provide Academy 10th graders with one more “brick” to fulfill their potential These topics are based directly on Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success:

Guest Speaker Topics:

1. Industriousness

“There is no substitute for work. None. Worthwhile things come only from hard work. You can work without being industrious, but you cannot be industrious without work.” – Wooden

2. Friendship

“The two qualities of friendship… so important to possess and instill in team members…are respect and camaraderie.” – Wooden

3. Loyalty

“Loyalty is part of human beings’ higher nature…your standards- your system, your values…First do not betray yourself. Second do not betray those you lead” – Wooden

4. Cooperation

“To reach the full potential of the group, there must be Cooperation-the sharing of ideas, information, creativity, responsibilities, tasks…the only thing not shared is blame” -Wooden

5. Enthusiasm

“Simply put, I mean you must love that which you do. Your heart must be in it. If you don’t like what you’re doing -get out. Don’t whine, complain, and make excuses” -Wooden

6. Self-Control

Self-Control is… discipline and mastery of emotions…when you lose control …your judgment and common sense suffer. Control your ‘self’ so others won’t have to” – Wooden

7. Alertness

“As you strive to reach your personal best, Alertness will make your task much easier…Too often we get lost in tunnel vision and don’t see things that are right in front of us.” – Wooden

8. Initiative

“Initiative means the courage to make decisions and take action…you are going to fail …but if you are afraid to fail, you will never do the things you are capable of doing.” – Wooden

9. Intentness

Intentness: “…it means determination; persistence…or pertinacity or perseverance. It is the ability to resist temptation and stay the course, to concentrate on your objective.” – Wooden

10. Conditioning

“Practice moderation and balance in all that you do…You must identify your conditioning requirements and then attain them. Without…you will fall short of your potential.” – Wooden

11. Skill

“Skill means being able to execute all of your job, not just part of it. Mastery of Skills requires learning and it is my opinion that great leaders are lifelong learners.” – Wooden

12. Team Spirit

Team spirit is “an eagerness to sacrifice personal interest or glory for the welfare of all… Praise that comes because of your contribution to the group is the kind I prize.” – Wooden

13. Poise

Poise: “holding fast to your principles…regardless of how bad or good the situation …not getting thrown off, or unbalanced in how you behave because of outside events” – Wooden

14. Confidence

“There is no stronger steel than well-founded self-belief: the knowledge…that you have done all things possible to ready yourself and your organization for the competition.” – Wooden

15. Competitive Greatness

“Competitive Greatness: A real love for the hard battle, knowing it offers the opportunity to be at your best when your best is required…” – Wooden

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