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The Academy currently has eight teaching staff that work closely as a team to design curriculum, projects, activities, and fieldtrips for Academy students.  All Academy instructors have volunteered to work in the Academy of Business team and are highly trained in their teaching subject area. Many of the instructors also have the benefit of industry experience, which lends authenticity to their classroom teaching. The instructional staff also attend professional development together throughout the year and during the summer. When school is is session, teachers meet weekly to discuss student progress, plan calendar events, and discuss joint projects. Click on an Academy instructor’s name below for bios, contact info, schedule, and links to classes.

0H3J7409Mrs. Elizabeth Rush  – Academy Coordinator

Elizabeth Rush has been teaching at Clairemont High School since 2001. She is a native San Diegan who attended UCSD, where she received her Bachelor’s of Art in World Literature, as well as her teaching credential and Master’s Degree in Education. Mrs. Rush began coordinating the Academy of Business in 2004, and since then, the Academy has almost tripled in student and staff population, formed numerous business partnerships, and secured over $171,000 in California Partnership Academies Grant monies. Now, the Academy is a recognized Lighthouse Academy – one of 13 out of 500 California Partnership Academy programs statewide. She has taught Expository Reading and Writing and Contemporary Communications to Academy students. Starting in 2015, Mrs Rush became a full-time Academy Coordinator, overseeing the Academy of Business, as well as the three other start-up Academies at CHS.  Mrs. Rush also participates on the CHS Governance Board and Instructional Leadership Team. In addition to educating, which is her true passion, she enjoys spending time with her husband and family, as well as reading, cooking, exercising, watching theater, and traveling.

Contact Mrs. Rush:

Email:    Phone: 858-273-0201 x2207   Room: Main Office

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AW aha momentMr. Alan Walter, Academy Business Instructor 

Mr. Alan Walter has been teaching at Clairemont High School since 2007. He has a Bachelor’s of Art in International Business and an MBA in Entrepreneurship from San Diego State University. He has lived in Paris and Tokyo, and has traveled to over 40 different countries. Mr. Walter came to the Academy of Business after spending several years building a successful real estate career. He is still a licensed broker; however, his heart and experience in youth volunteer work led him into the teaching profession. He obtained his Career Technical Teaching Credential, and now teaches Business 100 and Business Management & Ownership to Academy students; he also manages the on-campus student store, is the Advisor to the Investment Club, and occasionally assists the CHS tennis team. In his spare time, Mr. Walter likes to spend time with his family, and travel.

 Click here to go to         Mr. Walter’s Class Agenda
Contact Mr. Walter:

Email:  Phone: 858-273-0201 x4126  Room: AOB Building Computer Lab

Mr. Walter’s Schedule:
  • Period 1 (7:20 – 8:49 A.M.) – Business 100, Academy Freshmen
  • Period 2 (8:54 – 10:23 A.M.) – Prep Period
  • Period 3 (10:28 – 11:57 A.M.) – Business 100, Academy Sophomores
  • Period 4 (12:38 – 2:07 P.M.) – Business Management & Ownership 1-2, Academy Juniors, then Seniors for Internships in the Spring
Mr. Walter’s Academy Classes:

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ColomboMr. Mark Colombo, Academy Business Instructor

Mark Colombo joined the Academy of Business team at Clairemont in 2013 after being a lead teacher in the Academy of Finance at San Diego High School of Business since 2007.  He is a native of Massachusetts, and lived in Chicago for 13 years before moving to San Diego in 2005. Mr. Colombo has a Bachelor’s of Art in Economics from Stanford University, and a Master’s of Science in Management Technology from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI. He earned his Teaching Credential from Cal State University San Marcos in 2006. Before becoming a teacher, Mr. Colombo worked as a construction worker, a stockbroker, marketing professional, and a research analyst. Mr. Colombo teaches Economics, Busines and Financial Markets, and Organizational Leadership.  He enjoys spending time with his wife Carmen and their 5 grown children. He also enjoys: swimming, running, hiking, movies, music, geology, paleontology, and investing in the stock market. Mr. Colombo believes teaching students about earning, saving, and investing is one of the most rewarding aspects of working with young men and women.

Contact Mr. Colombo:

Email: Phone: 858-273-0201 x4127 Room #: AOB Building – Trading Floor

Mr. Colombo’s Schedule:
  • Period 1 (7:20 – 8:49 A.M.) – Prep Period
  • Period 2 (8:54 – 10:23 A.M.) – Organizational Leadership, Academy Freshman
  • Period 3 (10:28 – 11:57 A.M.)  – Economics & U.S. Government, Academy Seniors
  • Period 4 (12:38 – 2:07 P.M.) – Business & Financial Markets*, Academy Seniors

*Off-site Internship Placements are run through this class during second semester.

Mr. Colombo’s Academy Classes:

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Mrs. Rebecca Aubery Christman, Academy Lead & English Instructor for 9th and 11th GradeChristman

Rebecca Aubery Christman began teaching at Clairemont High School in 2012 after teaching for many years in San Diego Unified School District, including ten years at Marston Middle School. The Clairemont community is like a second home to her. She was born and raised in San Diego. Mrs. Christman has a Bachelor’s degree in American Literature from San Diego State University and a Master’s degree in Educational Technology. At CHS, she teaches English and AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination). Mrs. Christman is new to the Academy of Business this year and is enjoying project-based learning with the students and interacting with the student Leadership Team. She also started Young Life Club on campus in 2012 with Mrs. Victoria Jones and works with the Fundraising Team. For recreation, Mrs. Christman loves to read, garden, dance, and do crafts. She has travelled many places all over the U.S. and been to France and Ireland. At least once a year she travels to Colorado to see her son, who attends Colorado State University. In the future, she would like to travel to Australia.

Contact Mrs. Christman:

Email:  Phone: 858-273-0201 x4122  Room: AOB Building Classroom B

Mrs. Christman’s Schedule:
  • Period 1 (7:20 – 8:49 A.M.) – Prep Period
  • Period 2 (8:54 – 10:23 A.M.) – English 1-2 Cluster, Academy Freshmen
  • Period 3 (10:28 – 11:57 A.M.) – AVID 9-10
  • Period 4 (12:38 – 2:07 P.M.) – American Literature, Academy Juniors

RoehrichMr. Rick Roehrich – Academy English Instructor for 10th, 12th Grade

Mr. Rick Roehrich has been teaching at Clairemont High School since 2002. He is a San Diego native who spent several years living in Germany. Mr. Roehrich has Bachelor’s degrees in English and German, and a Master’s in German, all from San Diego State University. After an 18-year career in the book publishing industry, Mr. Roehrich made the transition to teaching, and found he enjoyed the challenges and rewards of working with students. He now teaches 10th grade English to Academy students. He is also the Clairemont High German instructor, 10th Grade English Seminar teacher, Speech & Debate Club Advisor, and Shakespeare Club Advisor. Mr. Roehrich also sits on the CHS School Site Council and helps lead the CHS College Tour each year. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, running, and rooting on San Diego sports teams.

Contact Mr. Roehrich:

Email:  Phone: 858-273-0201 x4121 Room #: AOB Building, Classroom A

Mr. Roehrich’s Schedule:
  • Period 1 (7:20 – 8:49 A.M.)  – Prep
  • Period 2 (8:54 – 10:23 A.M.) –  10th Grade English 3-4 Advanced, Academy Sophomores
  • Period 3 (10:28 – 11:57 A.M.) – German (3-6 semester 1; 1-4 semester 2)
  • Period 4 (12:38 – 2:07 P.M.)  – Expository Reading & Writing, Academy Seniors
Mr. Roehrich’s Academy Classes:

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DossettMs. Jennifer Dossett- Academy Social Science Instructor

Jennifer Dossett began teaching at Clairemont High in 2014 as a student teacher and in 2015 as the full time history teacher for the academy. Ms. Dossett has a degree in Social Science from San Diego State University from 2014. She earned her Linked Learning Credential from San Diego State University. Ms. Dossett teaches 10th grade World History and 11th grade United States History. She is also the lead of the Academy of Business Event Planning Team, and the CHS Cheer Adviser.  For recreation, Ms. Dossett enjoys anything that has to do with mountains. She spends her weekends hiking and backpacking in and around San Diego. She also loves all things Disney and goes to Disneyland anytime she can. She is an avid sports lover and enjoys watching the Padres. Ms. Dossett believes that history is about more than just memorizing dates; it is about analysis, critical thinking, asking questions, and figuring out how the world came to be the way that it is. Teaching has always been a dream of hers, and now that she is able to teach in AOB and collaborate with other teachers, she is so happy. Both her parents graduated from Clairemont, so being a Chief is in her blood. Go Chiefs!

Contact Ms. Dossett:

Email:  Phone: 858-273-0201 x4123 Room #: AOB Building, Classroom C

Ms. Dossett’s’s Schedule:
  • Period 1 (7:20 – 8:49 A.M.)  – Prep
  • Period 2 (8:54 – 10:23 A.M.)  – Honors U.S. History – Academy Juniors
  • Period 3 (10:28 – 11:57 A.M.)  – World History – Academy Sophomores
  • Period 4 (12:38 – 2:07 P.M.) – U.S. History
Ms. Dossett’s’s Academy Classes:

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KhachiyanMs. Ofelia Khachiyan – Academy Math Instructor 

Ms. Ofelia Khachiyan began teaching at Clairemont High School in 2015.

Contact Ms. Khachiyan:

Email: Phone: 858-273-0201 x4005 Room #: B-5

Ms. Khachiyan’s Schedule:
  • Period 1 (7:20 – 8:49 A.M.) – Prep
  • Period 2 (8:54 – 10:23 A.M.) – Integrated Math III
  • Period 3 (10:28 – 11:57 A.M.) – Integrated Math II
  • Period 4 (12:38 – 2:07 P.M.) – Integrated Math I, Academy Freshman
Ms. Khachiyan’s Academy Classes:
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NonaMr. Nour Nona- Academy Math Instructor

Mr. Nona began teaching at Clairemont High is 2014 as a student teacher. In 2015 he was hired as an Math teacher and JV Footbal Coach.

Contact Mr. Nona

Email:  Phone: 858-273-0201 x4006 Room #: B-6

Mr. Nona’s Schedule:
  • Period 1 (7:20 – 8:19 A.M.) – Prep
  • Period 2 (8:24 – 9:24 A.M.) – Integrated Math II, Academy mix
  • Period 3 (9:29 – 10:28 A.M.) – Pre-Calculus
  • Period 4 (10:33 – 11:32 A.M.) – Pre-Calculus
  • Period 5 (12:12 – 1:11 P.M.) – Pre-Calculus
  • Period 6 (1:16 – 2:15 P.M.) –  Integrated Math II, Academy Freshman
Mr. Nona’s Classes:


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DillonMrs. Pooja Dillon – Special Education Co-Teacher

Mrs. Dillon began teaching at Clairemont in 2011. She received her undergraduate degree in Philosophy from UCSD and her Special Education teaching credential as well as her Masters Degree from SDSU. Mrs. Dillon currently co-chairs the Special Education Department and co-teaches English and Am. Lit with Mr. Roehrich & Mrs. Christman. When she’s not teaching, Mrs. Dillon enjoys spending her time with her husband and four children.  Feeling connected to others is what brings her joy and she uses her core values as a compass to guide her in life.

Contact Ms. Dillon:  Phone: 858-273-0201 x4007 Room #: B-7

Ms. Dillon’s Schedule:
  • Period 1 (7:20 – 8:49 A.M.)  – Prep
  • Period 2 (8:54 – 10:23 A.M.)  – Co-Teaching in English 3-4 – Academy Sophomores (with Roehrich)
  • Period 3 (10:28 – 11:57 A.M.)  – None
  • Period 4 (12:38 – 2:07 P.M.) – Co-Teaching in American Literature – Academy juniors (with Christman)

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JonesMs. Victoria Jones – Special Education Co-Teacher

Ms. Jones has been teaching at Clairemont High for the past eight years, working with the English and Special Ed. Departments. She has  a passion for teaching and encouraging youngsters and finds great purpose in her role as a co-teacher (she has been partnering with Ms. Christman for the past four years) and case manager. Outside of school, Ms. Jones enjoys cooking, teaching Pilates, hiking, and leading a women’s group. She is also the mother of two young girls and believes her experiences teaching have made me a better mom!

Contact Ms. Jones: Phone: 858-273-0201 x4007 Room #: B-7

Ms. Jones’ Schedule:
  • Period 1 (7:20 – 8:49 A.M.)  – Prep
  • Period 2 (8:54 – 10:23 A.M.)  – Co-Teaching in English 1-2 – Academy Freshman (with Christman)
  • Period 3 (10:28 – 11:57 A.M.)  – Co-Teaching in English 1-2 – (with Klein)
  • Period 4 (12:38 – 2:07 P.M.) – none

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